LEDA is proud to work with vendors who have a passion for the safe and positive integration of UAS technology into Law Enforcement.  We highly recommend contacting these vendors/manufacturers for your public safety UAS needs.  We want to see you land right.  If you're wanting to reach a point of contact at one of these companies, please reach out to us at and we will get you where you need to be!

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"LEDA is a crucial asset for the law enforcement drone community. There is not a doubt in my mind when I refer agencies with new drone programs to LEDA. LEDA has helped educate and support those who are looking to get their program set on a firm foundation. With the knowledge and success that LEDA members experience- they are able to pass valuable info (training, practices, failures, etc.) to each other so that they can all grow together. It was created by cops with a passion for new technology and training so that they can operate in the safest way, most effective way possible. GenPac is proud to partner with LEDA in the creation and training of best practices; along with distribution of new products within the community!"

Aaron Lambert, UAS Manager, GenPac

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