What do I get as a LEDA member?

LEDA was created by law enforcement officers who have a wealth of experience in both manned and unmanned aviation with the intent to create a standard of training and best practices in the field. We are growing rapidly and have over 250 LEO agencies nationally represented on our rolls. For starters, we can try and connect you with other agencies in your area that have active UAS programs for potential training opportunities.


A membership with our organization gets you access to a TON of video content that we have and will continue to produce on UAS training.


Membership gets you access to our document center, which is stocked with various templates on policies/procedures, warrants, affidavits, logs, and reports.  We will regularly update and add content as it becomes available.  If you have docs that would benefit the LE UAS community, you can share it with us and the LEDA community.


Members also have access to photos of other agencies’ equipment set ups and vehicle build outs to help you find a solution for what would work for you.  If you have photos of our buildout, a solution or an outside the box piece of equipment that helps in your workflow, feel free to send it to us!


Lastly, a LEDA membership gets you access to LEDA events. We put on webinars, in person regional trainings, and conferences with both classroom and scenario based training. We are only open to law enforcement members and only train folks to fly missions oriented to law enforcement. Webinars are free but there is a cost to attend an in person training event, as we travel to the locations to train with our gear and instructors.

If you have additional questions about membership, please let us know at info@ledauas.com.

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Become a LEDA Member!

  • Single Membership

    Through November Only!!
    Valid for one year
    • Yearly access to our members only information and training
    • Includes access to our communications with frequent updates
    • Discounts on annual conference registration and more!
    • Discounts on regular training opportunities!
  • Agency Membership

    Through November Only!!
    Valid for one year
    • Discounted Conference registration for up to 10 attendees!
    • Discounted training for your agency up to 10 attendees!
    • Your entire team encompassed in one membership!

Disclaimer: The Law Enforcement Drone Association (LEDA) is a 501(c)(3) organization run by law enforcement officers, current and former.  Training provided by LEDA often contains Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES) information and active incident debriefs involving the use of UAS.  In order for us to keep the training relevant and secure, LEDA may reach out to your law enforcement agency to verify current employment upon your purchase of a membership.  If you sign up and it is discovered you are not an active or retired law enforcement officer (or firefighter who assists in law enforcement missions), your membership will be voided.  No refunds will be provided.  To expedite this vetting process, we recommend you use your government email address as your login email.  

LEDA will never disseminate the information used to create your membership without your consent.  One of the goals of LEDA is to connect our members with the most up to date technology and help our members develop solid working relationships with our partners in the UAS industry.  At certain LEDA events, LEDA may provide vendors with a list of names and email addresses used at the event sign up to help facilitate communications between attendees and vendors.  If you do not want LEDA to share your information with our trusted partners, you may opt out by checking the box labeled, "I do not wish to share the information I provide for this event registration."  We respect your privacy.  

Please reach out if you have any questions before signing up at info@ledauas.com.  Thank you and we look forward to helping you in any way we can!