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Member events are invitation only and are only available to LEDA members.  LEDA's mission is to bring valuable training and information to Law Enforcement UAS teams.  In order to do this,  it is necessary to share information that may be Law Enforcement Sensitive (LES), as sometimes cases shown are still active, but have a very high training value.  These Members Only events will be for Law Enforcement Officers only, with the exception of some Fire Department or Search and Rescue Personnel that actively participate in UAS missions for LE agencies.

Our Conferences are designed to be smaller in size so that we can tailor the training to the group.  Instead of massive attendance numbers, we are looking for quality, hands-on flight skills and classroom time to best suit our students' needs and the needs of the LE UAS vertical.  

Each year, we may put on several conferences throughout the country and each one will be similar in agenda and curriculum.  So don't be discouraged if you can't make a conference in Dallas, as our Bend conference will address the same agenda, with minimal differences so each conference attendance is on the same sheet of music.  

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