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Annual Conference

October 5th-8th, 2021







LEDA Update:

LEDA is moving over to a paid membership system for our organization.  Paid memberships will bring funds for us to be able to bring you all the most relevant and up-to-date training for your UAS Programs.  Please bear with us as we make this move and we appreciate your patience!  


In the meantime, we will keep the "Member Resources" page open to non-paid site members, along with the "Equipment/Setups" page, through October, at which time it will also be moved into the paid member side.  All of our training videos have moved behind the paid member privileges.  If you would like to move into the paid membership category, please click here, or visit the "Membership" page at the top of the page.  

Your paid membership will also get you discounted rates to our conferences, coupons to purchase swag items, and access to the entire organization website.  We will be regularly updating the members only area and uploading new training videos and curriculum throughout the year to help you better yourself and your team as UAS operators.  

LEDA Membership is an incredible value for the training and return you receive at just $49 per year per person, or you can purchase an agency membership for up to 10 pilots for $400.

Please reach out to us with any questions in the contact box below or send us an email at


LEDA is comprised of law enforcement officers with a passion and expertise in aviation, both manned and unmanned.  LEDA specializes in creating a solid training foundation for agencies to build on with their UAS programs, at whatever stage the agency is currently.


LEDA instructors put on solid training quarterly for agencies throughout the region to create best practices, safety management systems, legal updates, and law enforcement scenario-based training.  Members are also linked in with a large network of LE UAS pilots for questions at any time.


LEDA is proud to be sponsored by solid drone platforms, software development companies and distributors that have a strong desire to support the LE UAS community.  LEDA is also looking to partner with your company if you have that same desire.  



LEDA was created by law enforcement officers for law enforcement officers who operate unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS)​ in the public safety arena.  The group was initially created by a core group of cops in the Pacific Northwest area who wanted to convene and create a set of best practices and guidelines for the use of UAS in law enforcement.  

LEDA has grown exponentially over the last year to have over 200 law enforcement agencies nationally in their member rolls and over 400 law enforcement officer members.  We plan and execute solid training quarterly either in online webinar format or in-person training.  Those trainings are meant to refine us as a community and set a standard of safety within the LE UAS culture.   We seek to set the standard of training for law enforcement UAS operators throughout the country.

We take pride in the amount of knowledge contained within our membership and the passion for UAS among the group.  We are continually seeking out new information, new training and the best technology to accomplish our mission in public safety.  



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